Obsession: Radical Islam

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Over 2.5 million viewers watched Obsession on FOX, making it the highest rated program among the four cable news channels!  Click here to watch the interview

Steve Emerson discusses Obsession on Fox News Click here to watch the interview

"Obsession" Director Interviewed on CNN's Glenn Beck Show


Trailer - Obsession: Radical Islam's War Against The West

The Culture of Jihad  (1:26)  How Jihad is taught and praised in Arab classrooms.

Hitler & The Mufti (0:56) The historic links between the Nazi leader and radical Islamic ideology.

The Media Of Terrorism (1:33) How a pervasive, propaganda-based Arab media teaches hatred to adults and children alike.

The War Against The West (1:40) Radical Islam is waging a war against western culture and Judeo-Christian values.

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